The wind that silently watches you over every night
Is but an ember to kindle within you a dream
It floats you over a hundred seas; Lazuline as they glow
In golden rain; and twirls you over mountains slow
Covered in a silken sheet of silvery snow

Yes, the wind has life
And though for now it may seem
That with it all that flows
Are pieces of a depressing tapestry
Tis but a passing time, an evanescent misery

For within these city walls
You have forgotten how to dream; tear through the sky
How to burn, how to fly
To hear the bells of ecstasy that chime
Within you; when you hear verses in rhyme

But hope is not left, and all that you need
To feel the wind on your face
Is to leave the mindless race, and climb the jagged walls
Though your feet may ache, your hands may bleed
And it be called a foolish deed
In imposing rooms, in stately halls

Then maybe you will find on those maddening heights
The depressing tapestry has changed to colors bright
The sights and sounds you had forgotten you ever heard
Have rushed back to you like music from a bird
And floating on the wind has come a visitor, an old forgotten friend
A fellow called life
And presto! Your misery will end


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