The Trump Qard – A Novel I Wrote More Than 2 Years Ago That Predicted Current US Events

So it seems I predicted the current events of the US more than 2 years ago.

This is a brief synopsis of the novel ‘The Trump Qard’ I wrote in the 2nd half of 2018 😁

And then I tried to approach literary agents but the replies I got from them mostly said it didn’t fit their existing projects.Β 

Though no one said that upfront, I had the feeling one of the reasons they thought they shouldn’t be taking on a project written by a guy from a foreign nation predicting something important about 2020 elections was that it might be thought of as interfering with the elections. Was it really that? No idea. But maybe they would have done their country a service if they had taken on the project and got it published. And then the book just might have served as an early warning… Jus sayin πŸ˜›

So, here is the actual synopsis of the novel:


Dear Lit Agent,Β 

According to your website you are actively seeking high concept thrillers. ”the trump Qard’ is a high concept political thriller mixing fact and fiction that asks what if the QAnon movement in America is more than what meets the eye. In the novel, a Cornell undergrad, a top FBI operative, a retired naval intelligence officer, and a journalist race against time to stop a group of powerful people including politicians, generals and tech billionaires from setting off a second civil war and destroying United States’ democracy by inciting mass violence and chaos during 2020 presidential elections using the voice of QAnon and other strategically placed divisive elements.

”the trump Qard’ in a nutshell is ‘Sum Of All Fears’ meets ‘Pelican Brief’ meets ‘North by Northwest’. Running about 60000 words, it is aimed at anyone who is interested in American politics and likes to read novels especially thrillers. Many in America and multitudes across the world interested in the Trump presidency fit the bill.


So, does this brief introduction sound interesting?




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