When you have time

A beauty that is perfect

But for once

Not in reflections

Of past, present or morrow

Not in feelings

Of intense joy

Or deep sorrow

That has been and will be again

In countless things

Seen and unseen

Or in nature

That ephemeral element

The azure expanse

The emerald spread

The figures erect

They came and went

Just spread your wings within yourself

And journey beyond

Those realms of faith, reality or truth

To that place


Dark and dense

Where one can

At will

Tie knots

Or lay carpets


On the ground or

In the sea

Sew a maze

Of runes golden and bright

With moonbeams in day

Or with sunbeams at night

Embroider a wish


In those gleaming runes

With kisses

Sylphish and sweet

And soft magical tunes

Sing a song

With those lilting notes

And join the dance

Of the swirling,

Silvery motes

Persuaded by the breeze

As it croons and lingers

On your cheek

And bestows a kiss

When your hands caress it

Like a passionate lover

From tip to toe

With your waving fingers

Conduct a symphony

Of the thunderous music

Made by the storm

As it moulds

The sand dunes of tales untold

Dead and cold

Breathing life and warmth

In the somnolent folds

And the motes glow

Like embers instead

In the crimson morn


When this storm

Of Passion

Kindles the flame

Of Imagination

And illuminates

Every dark recess


Every drowsy emotion

You might find

What you seek to possess.

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