Sample Test Questions - Digital Marketing Associate

  • Q1

    Which marketing activities do you enjoy most and why? This isn’t a trick question, we’re interested in hearing what you love doing.

  • Q2

    Talk a bit about the last marketing project you worked on. What was the goal and what did you contribute?

  • Q3

    SEO Test: Please describe your process to optimize the following page:

  • Q4

    How would you test the results of the SEO method you just put in place for

  • Q5

    Briefly tell of an example of a paid campaign you’ve worked on. What were the goals? What did you achieve (explain with numbers/metrics)? What was the ROI?

  • Q6

    You’ve been asked to design a PPC campaign for the same site ( Which channel would you use and why? Give as much information about keywords you’d use and how you’d set up the first experiment.

  • Q7

    You’ve been asked to automate content distribution using multiple social channels for a B2B company. Which tools would you use and why?

  • Q8

    Are you HubSpot certified? What other digital marketing certifications you have, if any?

  • Q9

    Please choose one blog post you’ve written (only one) and provide a link. Explain what you like about it.

  • Q10

    If you could choose one thing you want to become an expert in the area of digital marketing, what would it be and why? Assume that you’ll be sent on development opportunities (conferences, courses, etc) to help you improve in that area.

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