Disclaimer: I am already a paid user of Invideo. However, I am going to get certain additional benefits by posting this review.

InVideo is an online video creator platform that is innovative, user-friendly, stylish, and effortless to use. This review aims to make you aware of the key features and benefits that Invideo platform offers and the advantages and disadvantages (not many) that you might face should you decide to use it.

It is impossible to overemphasize of the need for video creation and video marketing in today’s marketing landscape. The video format is overwhelmingly popular among content consumers; and it’s not difficult to see why. It’s a more easy-to-process format than text, also more entertaining, and gives our eyes and brain a much needed respite from the abundance of textual content that populates the world of internet. No wonder people over the world are watching more and more videos as time goes by – according to one recent estimate, no less than 5 billion Youtube videos (source) are watched by the denizens of our blue planet in a single day. Not only that, you can share videos over multiple platforms much more easily and many popular sharing sites give video format a priority.

For the same reasons marketers love the format too – video promises potentially multifold returns on investment if executed well. The website Wyzowl tells us that 63% of businesses have begun making use of videos in their content marketing. Out of those 82% are of the opinion that video marketing constitutes a significant part of their go-to-market strategy. Data further shows that their faith in the video format is not misplaced – no less than 83% of businesses have already been rewarded for their efforts and believe that video marketing gives them a good ROI.

So if you are marketer and have not yet jumped on the video marketing bandwagon, you should get on board without delay. And when you make that jump, you can take Invideo’s help.

For Invideo helps marketers do just that – create and distribute easy-to-watch and super-quick videos with minimal investment of time and resources so you can make the maximum bang for your buck. In Invideo’s own words, they have built a platform that helps you transform your content into great videos. They serve media companies, small businesses, and brands to expand audience engagement through the power of video content. Their platform is ideal for marketers, publishers, individuals and agencies to take their brand content strategy to the next level.

Despite being a relatively new platform, Invideo has gathered a modest but substantial fan following on software review sites such as CapterraG2 & Trustpilot. On Capterra, no less than 116 reviewers have given it a perfect 5 out of 5 rating. That is no mean feat and makes it obvious that Invideo is beating its competitors by a good enough margin. On G2, the platform has garnered a rating of 4.8 out of 5 from 49 reviewers – breaking down the averages, the reviewers gave it 8.9/10 in ‘Ease of Use’, 9.3/10 in ‘Quality of Support’ and a perfect 10/10 in ‘Ease of Setup’. Not to stretch the point but Invideo has a very good perception among the people who have used it.

So what are the specific features and benefits that has made its users like Invideo so much? Let me tell you in a list

1) Feature to turn blogs and articles into videos within minutes: People who already have blogs and articles on the internet will excited by the feature to turn them into videos within minutes. According to one user, one of their article was performing well in Google Search but had a low on-page time. They wanted to boost the performance by making the article more engaging and accessible and that’s where the said feature of Invideo came in handy. Within no time, the article was transformed into a video by pulling content from the webpage while simultaneously creating a summary that was easy-to-read and professional. Voila! Job done.

My own experience confirms that one can turn a blog and article into a video in a jiffy on the Invideo platform. However, I would also say that the result very much depends upon the article, and usually the articles that are most suitable for such transformations are lists with plenty of images.

2) Easy-to-use and super customizable templates: One of the best features of Invideo in my opinion is that it has many video templates that are easy-to-use and also easily customizable. This makes video production, especially of promotional videos, very quick and inexpensive. According to another user who were ticketing partners for the Hockey World Cup, Invideo helped them configure an exclusive template for them so that they could simply plugin their data and get out videos with match scores within 10 minutes of the match getting over. Which enabled them to create videos like this:

3) AI Propelled Video Creation: Another of Invideo’s promising features is its AI engine that works under the hood to provide video creators benefits such as summarizing long scripts, searching for the right visuals in accordance with the scripts and by recognising moods and emotions, picking up the right kind of background music once again by recognizing moods etc. In other words, you don’t need to spend a whole lot of time searching for visuals or music saving you plenty of time and money

4) Intuitive User Interface With A Low Learning Curve: As anyone who has used softwares regularly will know, sometimes the most promising platforms with amazing features are ruined by a difficult to navigate or tortuous interface. No matter how powerful the platform, it will not save you much money if you need to hire a PhD to run it. Invideo passes that test with flying colours. One of the best things about it is its simple, good-looking and intuitive UI; and my opinion is that without much training, anyone and everyone in your office, from the CEO to the front-desk person will be able to create videos using the platform

5) Great Customer Support: Another place where Invideo wins hands down over many of its competitors is its great customer support. Pretty much every review on multiple sites makes this point again and again. I think it’s because the top management itself is deeply involved in making sure that the customers are happy. And I must say their efforts are visible in the rave reviews they have been getting time and again.

My own experience confirms the reviews. Within two minutes of asking a query, I got a response from their COO Pankit.

As for the cons of the platform, frankly there are not many. Heavy files may take time to load, especially when you don’t have fast enough internet connections. The video editor is not fully-featured like some of its competitors – Adobe CS5 Master, Camtasia etc – but for those who are looking for something easy and quick to operate than something perfect which comes with its own learning curve and would be expensive to delegate, the platform’s simplicity is perhaps a feature than a bug. Let’s say that if the creators added more templates, a little deeper animation capabilities like animation speed control, overlays and a mobile app, I wouldn’t have any grievances. Especially when the tool is still – age wise – a child, the night is young, and the founders have an ambitious roadmap.

From a pricing perspective, Invideo has four plans, starting from a ‘Free’ plan to an ‘Enterprise’ plan. Free is of course free while the ‘Enterprise’ plan costs $100/month. In between, you have ’Starter’ and ‘Professional’ plans costing $20 and $50 per month respectively. While the plans are not exactly cheap, they provide good value for money given what you can accomplish with the software. You can learn the details of each plan here: Invideo Plans

My recommendation: Take it.

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