Mr. R is angry on a Sunday Night
(Not quite unexpected)
With bloody exams in full swing
So he comes up with a poem
That has humour and sting
Well if I am not mistaken friends
This will maketh Placecom cringe

As I see it has puns in plenty
And thankfully no senti
Advertisements too, for what is worth
Young dames please note, he is celibate since birth

If that is not enough, please be seated
He is in the kitchen, the oven is getting heated
And in his quest for dame, oops! fame and glory
He will even dish you out a story (yum yum)
So if my dear you have any other plan
Chuck them out, here is the true ladie’s man

But one caution you must keep in sight
To pull in your hold this Mr. Right
Not one word of sex, no hasty leers
If you don’t know (damn you), he is so young in years!

A man as such you will never find
So pure and virtuous in heart and mind
And though academic distinctions he has only “a few” (elec. engg. from roorkee,
that’s all)
Tell me, is that something a girl will rue?
When he can manage her birthday beyond compare (oh! how lovely)
And cook for her everyday something new (cho chweet)!

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