Let me walk in a trance

Or come with me to the road’s end

For I won’t see the stars

When the dusk falls, covering the bluish whole

Beyond the embers

Burning, swirling


And there

I see nothing.


Let me drown in the sea

Or swim with me to the shore

For I won’t climb a boat and lie in the solitude

Of the wave’s roar

Beyond their feuds

Grating on my ear

Maddening me

I hear nothing.


Let me fall in the abyss

Or lead the way to the peak

For I won’t rest on the ledge and shiver alone

As my silent nearness weeps

Beyond the biting cold

Shriveling my soul

Numbing me

I feel nothing.


Let me flow through the mist

Or guide me, your hand in mine

For I won’t wander in this Eden, it has no love-story they say

Only a cruel presence divine

What’s that to me?

It’s you I seek

Not beauty, not life, not a god

Why do you lead me to these?

You know how worthless they will be

If your presence shall cease


Don’t go

If you leave

Not even a sad song

Will this heart be able to sing

It will be mute


Like these eyes burning to weep

For beyond you, my all

I love nothing.

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