12 Hiring Platforms For Indian Startups

A few days ago, I wanted to find new hiring platforms/companies that helped startups hire. We already use Indeed (https://in.indeed.com/hire), IIMJobs (https://recruit.iimjobs.com/login), Hirist (https://recruit.hirist.com/login), Updazz (https://recruit.updazz.com/login) and also have occasional forays on Naukri. We have also tried AngelList in the past, but the results were not encouraging, so we stopped then; and we have not tried Angellist recently.
Anyway, I wanted to find more hiring platforms/startups that might help us, so I went on a Google Search spree for 1-2 hours.
Here is the result of what my search yielded. Be warned though you have only very skeletal details like Names & URLs though I did check traffic details of these websites and most had respectable Alexa rankings for an Indian hiring company.
Here are the hiring companies/platforms that we already use, this time with slightly more details.
1. Indeed (https://in.indeed.com/hire): I am assuming everyone knows this site, so I won’t give more detail
2. IIMJobs (https://recruit.iimjobs.com/login) – Platform is Ok for mid and senior level roles
3. Hirist (https://recruit.hirist.com/login) – Used to have a free and effective plan for tech hiring, but I feel quality has decreased recently
4. Updazz (https://recruit.updazz.com/login) – For marketing and sales hiring. Free plan also yields results. Again, quality has gone down recently somewhat
5. Naukri – I don’t think I need to say further
And here are the 12 more Indian hiring platforms that I discovered through Google Search – relevant for startups – in no particular order.
1. JobsForHer – https://www.jobsforher.com/employer – Only women hiring platform
3. Jobsquare – https://jobsquare.com/
4. Zigsaw – https://www.zigsaw.in/
5. Hasjob – https://hasjob.co/ – Tech recruitment
6. Belong – https://belong.co/
8. HiringMonk: http://www.hiringmonk.com/– Fixed hiring cost for all hiring profiles. 3 tiers based upon salary bands
9. GeeksForGeeks – Semi-skilled Tech Hiring – Completely free – https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/hire-with-us/
10. CA Job Portal – https://www.cajobportal.com/ – Only for CA hirings 
11. Behance – https://www.behance.net/ – For UI Design (Only Graphic) hires
12. Cutshort  (cutshort.io) – Has a workable free Applicant Tracking System and is an Indian company, so likely to have integrations with popular Indian job boards.
As a final comment, I found that 3 of the above platforms, Cutshort, Instahyre & JobsForHer have had a meteoric rise in Alexa rankings in the past 12 months. Hasjob also has had a good rise. Since Alexa rankings tell us how trafficked is the website, we can assume that traffic is rising fast on these websites which means they might be doing well.
Have I tried any of them yet? Yes, I have tried the free plan of JobsForHer and the response has been so so.
So try them out yourself and let me know in the comments what was your experience.

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