A Tongue-In-Cheek response to the article “Ten Reasons To Date An Entrepreneur” doing the rounds of FB.

See the original article here: http://love-not-fear.org/2011/12/02/ten-reasons-to-date-an-entrepreneur/


1) This article is not to be taken seriously by either entrepreneurs or sane people

2) Entrepreneurs shall take a pledge of not murdering me before reading this.

Full Disclosure: I am an entrepreneur for the last so many years; about the dates, I don’t remember 🙂

  1. Their sense of possibility… To date someone who accepts no limitations means: “Yeah… I can hit on THAT one also… nice eyes… and THAT one… what an ass… and THAT one… ravishing lip… Yes baby, you were saying … No, I AM listening!”
  1. They see things in a way that others don’t: “No, that’s NOT coffee I spilled over my shirt coz I was trying to keep myself awake for 36 continuous hours with caffeine… I am just experimenting with a new fabric color! How’s it?… What? When did I shift into clothing? Since my investors told me unless I found a viable business model…”
  1. They know the true meaning of commitment and persistence to an idea: “I told you we ARE going to see ‘The Ugly Truth’ for the 4th time even if you think its mindless coz I just can’t get over Katherine Heigel’s boobs! Man! They are so… Ok, I will talk about something different… Jeez! Umm… can I at least talk about her ass?”
  1. They attract and draw into their world new people, experiences and opportunities: I am not explaining that one 😀 Please let your imagination flow 😉
  1. Their vision for the world extends to a vision of long-term relationships: “Ok baby… Muaah… will see you after 2 months so you can be sure our relationship is going to last at least THAT long. Meanwhile I will keep sending you BBMs on how I am contributing to the betterment of humanity… Oh! You don’t have a Blackberry? How do you live?”
  1. They have seen failure and know that it is never what defines a man or a woman: “Thanks babe for helping me out with the dough. It’s so great you work for a company whose customers are still buying during recession. Why don’t mine? I don’t know… They are crazy I guess… Anyway… I respect you deeply for still not ditching me.”
  1. They are passionate souls with tonnes of energy and a great love and lust for life: “I am NOT going to make something THAT ugly just coz the market wants it. Who the hell the market thinks it is? God? It’s MY life and I am only going to make stuff that I like, not some shitty stuff market wants. What! You like it too? How COULD you? Steve Jobs will never forgive you!”
  1. They know the value of partnership in getting things done: “Baby… I know you have been paying the rent of my office for the past 18 months and I owe you a huge debt. I am so sorry… but I CAN make it up to you. Let’s do one thing… let’s become partners. I will offer you a debt-equity swap and you can become part owner of my company. What? You don’t want equity in my company? How CAN you say that? We are growing BIG… I mean we WILL grow big… soon… I promise. Ok, I will make you a deal. I will offer you the equity at 25% discount of the valuation I asked from the VCs in my last failed B-presentation. I even have the entire excel sheet to show you. Now are you happy? Partner…”
  1. They know how sometimes you just have to hang in there, work really hard and keep trusting: ”Baby I know I have been promising to marry you for the last 5 years while you’ve been working your ass off to pay the bills… but trust me, I WILL this time as soon as the next round of funding comes… Just hang in there a bit more… We are almost there… Trust is the key… you know right?”
  1. They are visionaries who understand the power of love over fear: “Baby you know I will not end this relationship or walk away if you keep telling me to drop this crazy idea of mine and take up a sensible job… but I know you really love me, so you will not walk away either when I don’t listen to you the least… right? I love you but we entrepreneurs need to keep chipping at the stone while the rest of the world doesn’t believe in us. I am sorry. But I know I can depend on you coz we love each other. Right?

The ONLY reason to date an entrepreneur: Coz you feel like it baby 🙂

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