Abhimanyu Jha

Bestselling Author Of Two Novels
I have written two romantic thrillers, one of which sold more than 35000 copies
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Awarded Top Marketing Leader
I was chosen among top 100 marketing leaders for 2016 by World Marketing Congress
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Founder Of Awarded Startups
I have co-founded two awarded technology startups in fintech/edutech and a branding consulting firm
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About Me

In my close to 14 years of career, I have been the Co-Founder/CMO of two technology startups as well as an award winning marketer and a bestselling author

Abhimanyu Jha has close to 14 years of experience in startups, digital marketing and branding, and product development including 12 years entrepreneurial experience as Co-founder/CMO of three startups in branding, edutech/hiring and fintech domains. Along with hands on experience in branding, digital marketing, e-learning, hiring, and fintech, he has deep interest in the areas of technology and automation. 

He is also the author of two traditionally published novels including a bestseller that has sold more than 35k copies till date. 

He was chosen among the 100 most influential marketing leaders in India in the year 2016 by World Marketing Congress. 

He has a B.Tech from IIT Madras and a MBA from IIM Ahmedabad.


Areas Of Interest

Automation & Productivity

I love finding ways and means to automate tasks and increase productivity at low costs, especially with the help of innovative SAAS products. Areas that I have helped automate include Marketing, Sales, Operations, Hiring and Key Account Management

Writing Non-Fiction

I like writing non-fiction that brings insights from multiple domains to solve problems. Domains I have an interest in include design, startups, technology, evolutionary biology, behavioral economics, game theory, politics, education, complex systems, philosophy, writing and music


Being a founder of 2 tech startups and a branding consultancy and having worked in the startup domain for close to 12 years, I have an abiding interest in startups and value creation. I like to advise startups and have helped a few startup founders and CXOs informally in solving problems related to marketing, strategy, investment, technology and hiring

Writing Fiction

I love writing fiction that elicits strong emotions in the reader. I have already written two romantic thrillers including a bestseller set in the backdrop of 2008 Mumbai terror attacks that has sold more than 35000 copies till date


I am a marketer by training and profession. I have been chosen among top 100 marketing leaders of India in 2016 by World Marketing Congress. I have also served as the CMO of the two tech startups I have founded besides running a branding and design consultancy for about a year

Songs & Music

I love writing songs and I have written more than 30 songs till date. I plan to produce music videos from these songs in the near future

Book Reviews & Testimonials

Brands I Have Worked With Closely

Contact Me

abhimanyu AT abhimanyujha DOT com

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